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How to Avoid Stress in Booking Wedding Bands in Houston & Austin

Five Steps To Making The Perfect Band Choice For Your Wedding Call your local agent 9-12 months ahead of the wedding date. The most popular wedding bands get snapped up early so make this one of your top priorities. If you plan to marry in December, be prepared to pay a premium for your band […]


How to Hire A Houston or Austin Wedding Band or Special Event

Five Reasons To Use A Booking Agent Reliability and experience – A great agent will have many years of experience dealing with all the bands, with an understanding of their capabilities and strengths as well as their weaknesses or ineptness. Let your agent´s experience work for you; and in representing YOUR interest provide the peace […]


Houston Wedding Band or Reception Venue-Which to Choose First?

What Are Some Issues You Need to Consider When Selecting Your Reception Band and Venue? Time of Day/Day of the Week – Can you envision your reception in the afternoon? During a beautiful lunch your band might play fun New Orleans-style jazz and standards, and if your guests were so inclined they might get up […]