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Rave Reviews

What our friends and clients are saying.

11/05/2016 All went very well on Saturday night. Big Blast and Party Masters were very well received – dance floor was full at 2 am with grandmothers, debs, escorts, stags, parents and members of the Allegro GC dancing away. Great energy and their continuous play obviously connected with the audience.

I missed hearing Bill Bartlett – I visited the Grill area around 8:10 pm and he was on break. Grill was packed with diners and feedback from those in room was positive.

I said hello to David Caceres on my way back upstairs in the Lounge and later (11:00 pm) saw his team performing in the Grill. All very good with this group – love the piano and saxophone!

Richard Brown did another wonderful job not only at Rehearsal, but also at the Presentation and later in Terrace Room that evening. We dined in the Terrace Room after the Presentation this year and really enjoyed the ambience that his team created in that space – his soft and delightful background music was perfect.

All in all, a great musical team for our 86th Presentation Ball. I’ve copied Thad and Ed on this reply as they may have additional feedback and/or observations.

As always, many thanks again to you and your team for help with Allegro’s many musical needs. -Charlie P. 

11/04/2016 I hope this message finds you well. David Caceres and his band were PHENOMENAL. Not only were they incredible musically (which I already knew), but they were absolutely professional and gracious. I hope we can use them again next year. Please pass my sentiments along to David. They gained about 340 new fans on Friday! -Ruth G. 

10/29/2016  I wanted to let you know that Grady Gaines and the Texas Upsetters’ entertainment at our wedding reception was absolutely fantastic. They have garnered a good deal of attention because they were so good they have been a significant part of the conversations ever since the party. I knew from a local friend as well as from viewing the group on U Tube that I would like them. Until the reception actually started and I heard them play, I had not envisioned what a big impact they would have on the overall mood and level of fun our guests would enjoy. In short, they were a huge hit!

I had a chance to introduce myself to Grady and let him know that I was a big fan. I also spoke with the lead singer during a break to let him know how much everyone was enjoying their music. My only regret is that I did not have time to speak individually to each member of the group because they all worked very hard, provided outstanding music and entertainment, and their contribution to the success of our reception far exceeded my expectations…..I want them to know that.

I would not hesitate to recommend Grady Gaines and the Texas Upsetters to anyone in search of a first class band for a private party. Also, while the majority of our guests were age 50 and above, there were several younger folks, including high school, college and young adult ages. Everyone from all age groups was praising the band. This band plays party music – the kind people want to dance to – and they do it extremely well. Our reception will be talked about for a long time and the band was an important ingredient toward making it so much fun.

Please extent our appreciation and thanks to Grady and all of the band members from Shari and me. -Ed L 

10/29/2016 Lovely, lovely, lovely!!! Very nice duo! Connie K. 

10/22/2016 IDT was wonderful to work with and they created a fabulous party. I would definitely recommend them again in the future! -Meggie F. 

10/20/2016 Chinatown was great! They were all very polite and easy to work with and of course their actual performance was great too. We really enjoyed them and plan to book them for another event in January. -Amy M. 

10/13/2016 Infinite Groove did a fantastic job last Thursday night.Great energy and set list. We will definitely continue to book them for future events. Steve N. 

10/13/2016 It was a wonderful event and we were very pleased to have Mariachi Los Gallitos on campus! Their performance was entertaining and educational while engaging our audience.

10/08/2016 Memphis Train Revue was wonderful on Saturday in Fayetteville! Mark was awesome to work with, and appreciate the band’s willingness to travel, play outside, break in the house, etc. I’m sure it was conditions they weren’t used to, but it all went perfectly! They sounded wonderful, and the bride and groom LOVED getting on stage for the last song! It was a blast!! Thank you as always! -Chelsea W. 

10/07/2016 I have to say that I think  The Jordan Kahn Orchestra was one of the best bands that I have seen at the GGB. EVERYONE was dancing, and he sounded amazing. On top of that, he was also SO kind to me, and very accommodating. MANY MANY thanks.I know that I will be requesting him again -Julia O. 

10/07/2016 Empire 6 met and exceeded all of my expectations. The song choices were amazing for the crowd that we had there. I mean, the “dinner music” was even great. Usually, the music during the dinner portion of an event is SO boring, but this was just great. The band interacted with the crowd very well and got people to dance and not seem like you were at a 7th-grade dance and everyone just watching the band sing. -Josh G. 

10/55/2016 Thank you so much!!! Leo Polk  was ADORABLE and was so much fun…I would use him again and again! Truly, he was just perfect!- Charner B.  

10/05/2016 I thought David Caceres and his trio were a perfect fit for our event. We would certainly consider them again for future galas. Our Gala Committee Chair Karen F. has used David and his band many times and was confident they would work well, and indeed she was correct. Many thanks! – Sherri K. 

10/01/2016 We couldn’t have been happier with DJ Frankie. He was so wonderful – extremely professional and talented. I really appreciated that he took my mom’s song list to heart and played all of her favorites. I would highly recommend him and definitely use him again.Thanks to you all for securing this for us. Annie steered us in the right direction! Kristy B. 

09/24/2016 We absolutely loved Grady Gaines and the Texas Upsetter! They did an amazing job. All my friends commented on how good they were and how much they enjoyed them. Laura K. 

09/24/2016 Everything went really well! We loved Infinite Groove. The performance was great and we discussed that their breaks worked so well into the evening that we didn’t even realize they had taken them. Linda E. 

09/24/2016 Yvonne Washington and Leo Polk were both wonderful. Very professional and really added to the weekend. We would highly recommend. -Betty M. 

09/23/2016 Everyone had a blast, thank you! DJ Senega was great, and played the best music catering to the feel of the crowd.  Thank you again! Haley W. 

09/20/2016 The Zydeco Dots were A W E S O M E. Everyone asked, “Where did you find this band”? They were polite and great with my guests. Thanks, Jeannine  L.

09/17/2016 I cannot say enough how great Charlie and the Regrets  were! Such gentlemen and the music was fantastic! Pitch perfect for the party!! We are so pleased and appreciative. Thank you and all the best, Elizabeth W. 

09/16/2016 Bryan Shayne was awesome. Everyone had a great time and kept asking how I booked the band. It was a hot night so a lot of our guests stayed inside but we kept the doors open so everyone heard the band. A lot of guests braved the heat and stayed outside. Macy M. 

09/10/2016 I want to tell you that Mango Punch KILLED IT! They were absolutely amazing. They made that wedding even more spectacular. Everyone was up and dancing and having a fabulous time. Walter was truly a joy to work with and incredibly professional. We received so many compliments on Mango Punch. Cannot say enough about them. -Joan N. 

09/08/2016 Anthony Caceres was wonderful – perfect for our event. I hope they enjoyed it also! We will definitely use you all again next year. -Laura R. 

09/08/2016 Thank you very much, David Caceres did great! -April W.

8/20/2016 All I can say is Infinite Groove was amazing! I had several guests inquire about the band. They far exceeded my expectations and if I can find a reason would book them again!
Thank you for making my daughter’s wedding “the best wedding ever”!-Linda D

8/13/2016 The Bryan Shane Band was awesome! I hired this band for my husband’s surprise 40th party at our home. The weather was terrible the entire night but the band pushed through and did a fantastic job! -Ashley B.

08/03/2016 The Choraleers were FANTASTIC! They were such a surprise to everyone when they came in and Isabella was over the moon! The kids loved them, the parents loved them and they just did a terrific job…they even did an unexpected encore as they were leaving. Thank you so much! -Erik L. 

7/30/2016 Ted [Wenglinski] did a wonderful job at yesterday’s event.  Please extend our thanks to him.-Cindy G.

7/30/2016 I wanted to write to let you know how very much everyone enjoyed Professor D at our wedding this weekend. They were outstanding and amazing.  The dance floor was crowded all night long and the music was loved equally by young and older alike.  We had the best time and so appreciate the fun party vibe they brought to Robin’s wedding.  Even after playing an extra 30 minutes everyone in the room was cheering for one more song – that says a ton!!!!  I’m so glad we chose them so please pass on our deep appreciation….Thank you for offering them as a choice and know they are highly recommended!!! -Ann

7/23/2016  It’s not all the time I actually get to say positive remarks about a band/team, but yay… I get to. All emails, correspondence, phone calls were promptly returned with excellent communication.  The band Day of was friendly, efficient, low maintenance, and professional.  The gentleman making the announcements was right on…articulate, made the announcements we requested, was flexible, and engaging with the guests.  Most amazingly…he actually had the timeline and followed it!!! Thank you for helping to make the evening a memorable success for [the bride, groom,] and their families. -Yvette V.

7/15/2016 Third Floor Strings were awesome and Lucky Strikes did a good job. It is always a pleasure to work with Gulf Coast Entertainment :)-Lauren C

7/15/2016 The band was GREAT!!  We had 2,140 in attendance and that’s our highest mixer. Thank you so much!-Latha T.

7/14/2016  Anthem was fabulous!! Very professional and had the crowd on their feet all night….I would highly recommend and I think quite a few bookings will transpire from the evening.  Barbara Wells has been exceptional to work with on this project-thank you to her and your Team on all their efforts to make it a spectacular evening –Jill F.

7/12/2016 What a wonderful evening we had yesterday with Matt The Electrician. Thank you so much for lining that up for us. It was a perfect fit, and his music touched us all and helped us wrap up a special time together. –Chris B.

6/27/16: [Infinite Groove was] AMAZING!!! Everyone at the wedding was so impressed by them! Please let them know they made our wedding so special! I wouldn’t have changed a thing! – Elizabeth J.

6/20/16: Dj Senega was the best! He was engaging but not too much so. Very fun!!!! Thanks so much for all your help. – Nelson M.

6/20/16: [In10City] was great.. Thank you! – Kathy G.

6/20/16: [Mary Ann Willis] was awesome. We had a wonderful experience with her. Thanks so much for your help. – Mark A.

6/17/16: [The wedding] was absolutely fabulous!  Jessie’s Girls were the hit of the party.  Guests were dancing all night long. Great band to work with.  So friendly and easy going.  Very impressed! – Valerie E.

6/17/16: [Klockwork was] absolutely fantastic!  Thanks again J – Angela G.

6/17/16: IDT was FABULOUS!!! I danced literally all night long!! So many were telling me how awesome they were! One even said that “you KNOW it’s a good band when I have to go home and shower from dancing so much”!! And they sang (the mother/son song) The Words I Would Say PERFECTLY!!! It was so very wonderful!! I am extremely impressed w IDT. We certainly hit the jackpot w them!! I told one of the guys in the band that their video promos didn’t do any where near justice to how AMAZING they are!! He said they knew the promo is bad and that they’re currently working on it. Well, I can see why the word-of-mouth keeps them busy… IDT is FABULOUS!!! Many many thanks!! -Paula

6/16/16: [Grady Gaines and the Texas Upsetters were] great and people really enjoyed the show. Thank you for brining your suggestions and the band to the table! – nonprofit client

6/13/16: IDT was AMAZING!!!  They did a fabulous job! Paula and I were both very impressed.  SO MANY guests commented on how fabulous the band was!  They definitely appealed to the “younger” generation crowed and played pop music to appeal to them, as those were the guests that were actually on the dancefloor for the most part (especially towards the end) but all generations were dancing throughout the night.

 I am usually paying attention to the band leader the most, to see how well he follows my timeline & the flow of the night.  Jared did an awesome job and followed the timeline perfectly.  There were NO dull moments, no stalls, no spots where it was awkward or no music, etc.  Between live music, breaks, planned activities (cutting of the cake, etc), it all went seamlessly which is a big deal from my end. 

We took a huge leap of faith on IDT since Paula and I were not familiar with them and we were so very pleased!!!  I will definitely recommend them again. Thank you! – Diana F.

6/13/16: Sooooo…the Octanes ROCKED. You should totally use them anytime you need a GREAT band in Texas – or anywhere! Very specific style of music, but so wonderful. They were super nice too…Adam is great. The client was thrilled and the guests had a blast. Thank you for the recommendation and for managing all the details! – Lee J.

6/13/16: I just wanted to write you and tell you how grateful I am! You were amazing and so helpful. The band was AMAZING! Everyone kept coming up to us to tell us how much they loved them. I made sure to give them your number so they can book them if they have a party. The dance floor was always packed! Thank you sooo much for everything!! – Sarah M.

6/13/16: [Southern Light] could not have me been more wonderful in every way. They were a big hit at Rancho Pillow!!! – Mimi L.

6/12/16: As always I loved working with Klockwork. They showed up early, they had great energy, they sounded great and were as easy to work with as ever. The guests seemed to enjoy them and I know the bride and groom had a blast! I’m so glad they could save us after their original band left us hanging. Thank you again! – Caroline A.

6/7/16: I don’t know if Mimi has had an opportunity to email you as she is on her honeymoon, but I wanted to let you know that I thought Eclipse did a fantastic job. They were so pleasant to work with, sounded wonderful and kept the dancefloor full all night. This was my first time working with them, and I was truly impressed with how professional they were. As a wedding planner, it is wonderful to have a band follow our itinerary, make announcements as directed and adhere to the bride’s wishes as well. I loved working with Annie on this wedding and know that she was a big help in communicating with Mark and Eclipse to help this event run smoothly. I’ve been singing their praises in my office this week!  – Meghann B.

6/7/16: Everyone, including myself, LOVED THEM!  They had the crowd dancing & singing all night and their personalities are great.  I’m excited to know a local band that is this good!  – Kelly W.

6/3/16: We were very pleased with [Tianna Hall’s duo]. Thanks for handling the booking at the last minute. – Billie Sue

6/2/16: Oh, my goodness….[Bourbon Street was] phenomenal!  Everyone raved about the band and now it looks like I’m going to have to hire them for every family event.  It’s a good problem to have I guess! They could not have been more professional, engaging with the crowd and working with the DJ that we had on site….from my perspective, they were terrific and the hit of the party! – Laurie B.

5/31/16: A ball was had by all!  Very easy to work with.  Like how they worked the crowd.  Was almost like the band and the guest were one! Thanks for all your help! – Stacy S.

5/31/16: From my perspective I would hire them again tomorrow. Very friendly easy going. Even nice when the over served members tried to hop up on stage. Def great gave them bravos on Facebook! – Melinda B.

5/31/16: I can’t even begin to tell you the overwhelmingly positive comments we’ve been hearing over & over!!!  On a scale of 1 to 10 we rate The Pictures Band 20+ …. for real!!!!   I have not heard even so much as an average comment from anyone let alone any criticism.  I personally don’t even dance ever and I was on the dance floor all night!!!  I had the best time — more fun than I ever imagined! We had 80+ people for a party on Saturday and every single person told us that the band was totally outstanding – the best band they’ve ever seen/heard – so incredibly talented & fun plus great interaction. Another comment is how much people enjoyed the tremendous variety of types of music and how well they played them all – very versatile.  They were truly outstanding.  So many people have told me that hands down it was the best wedding ever!!! Easy to believe among the younger college kids but over & over friends & family our age have said the same thing!!  We are so very pleased. It couldn’t have been better!! – Justine H.

5/24/16: The Bourbon Street band was excellent.  It was so much more than we expected.  The band members were wonderful and their music couldn’t have been more perfect for the occasion.  We hope they enjoyed themselves as well.  Our family and friends were so complimentary about them and kept asking “Where did you find these guys they are amazing”.  We will be sure to pass on your name and theirs for future bookings.  Please forward our compliments to the band members.  Once again, A huge Thank You for making the graduation party a success!!

5/23/16: [Chad Ware was] great – I’ll definitely hire them again! – Traci R.

5/5/16: I know Angela, my wedding planner responded to let you know the band was a huge success, but I just wanted to take a minute and let you know that “huge success” doesn’t even begin to describe it. I know it was my own wedding, but I have never had so much fun dancing to a band. My husband and I were absolutely thrilled with our choice and everyone is still talking about how great the band was and how much fun they had dancing!! If I had to choose again, I would no doubt choose Memphis Train Revue and I will certainly recommend them to anyone and everyone I know getting married! It was so much fun, especially singing Sweet Home Alabama, because your lead singer being from Alabama got so excited about the song! I really can’t say enough good things about the band and also their manager, Mark. He was fantastic!! He was easy to communicate with and he was there the whole night making sure that we were having a good time and keeping everything on track. I can’t thank you all enough for making our wedding insanely fun and a night I will never forget!! – Margaret M.

5/2/16: The Dave Zeger String Trio did a wonderful job – the music was beautiful, and the guests loved it. We look forward to having them again!  – Cecile A.

5/2/16: Professor D did a fantastic job at Lauren and Charles’s wedding…the frosting on the cake!!

I can’t tell you how many of our guests commented on Professor D being the best party band they’ve ever experienced! It was so evident with a packed dance floor all night long! Their music selections were fun and fabulous, and multi generations of guests were dancing the night away!

(A friend of mine from Colorado told her husband she wants to come back to Dallas and have them for her birthday bash! He thought that was a little extravagant, but that’s a big compliment to the band!!)

Hands-down, awesome time, and so much of that can be attributed to that wonderful night of music by Professor D! – Heather and Robert

4/29/16: DJ Mav was amazing!  He was great.  High energy.  Just right for our customers.  They loved it. – Tijuana H.

4/27/16: [Mariachis Los Gallitos and The Project] were outstanding! The Mariachi Los Gallitos were a fun surprise for our out of town guests. We had so many guests coming to us to tell us how great The Project was and to ask who they were. We had friends that I rarely see dance on the dance floor dancing non stop! We still have people talking about them. Thank you so much for your awesome suggestions.  You helped to make Elizabeth & Buck’s wedding a memorable event. – Liz S.

4/25/16: We were so happy with both choices! There is not one negative thing we could say about either. Memphis Train Revue kept everyone on the dance floor and were so accommodating — even playing ‘Purple Rain’ at the end of the night, as per request of Dustin (the groom) and they rocked it!  Thank y’all so much for everything! – Addie D.

4/22/16: Everything was great! Thank you so much! –Pamela M.

4/18/16: I have to give you huge thanks for recommending Larry [DJ L-Boogie]. He was FANTASTIC. He was so great that one of the CAMH girls wants to use him for her wedding in November. Working with him was an all around great experience. Also, Annie has been fantastic! – Beth P.

4/18/16: [Eclipse] was absolutely incredible! Thank you so much! J  – Kelsey M.

4/18/16: [Scott Graham] was great! We were super-pleased! Thank you so much for your help in finding just the right guy for our reception. It was a delight to work with Annie. – Sharon D.

4/17/16: I love Bob [Henschen’s] music, he was great! I would have him play in my next event. – Sally F.

4/11/16: The swatchmen were great.  The crowd seemed to love them and I love how easy there are to work with.  Thanks again for all of your help and please pass my thanks on to Annie. – Rusty B.

4/4/16 As always, [David Caceres] did a GREAT job!  I have nothing but great things to say, and everyone was very happy! – Julia O.

4/4/16 I just wanted to thank you for connecting us with Sam Austin who did a capital job of booking the Octanes for the FotoFest + Lawndale party. Many guests said it was one of the best closing parties they’d ever been to and Sam really went above and beyond to get us the very best — we couldn’t be more thrilled. – Alecia H.

3/21/16 My daughter’s wedding and reception were simply flawless!…All our expectations were exceeded. Jessie’s Girls was, as one guest stated, “the best band ever”! Throughout their three hour session they sang and danced the night away, and kept our families and friends on the dance floor till the very end. No one could ask for more! The night was extraordinary! Many thanks to the professionalism from…Jessie’s Girls. – Sharon D.

3/21/16 Carnaval Guitar Duo were great and power was out but they played beautifully and we loved them.  Very professional like your agency! – Mary W.

3/17/16 Overall, our experience was great! I would, and do, recommend others to use Password and any other GCE band for their events. If we ever have the need for a band again, I will look to you for sure.  – Lauren E.

3/17/16: Scott was perfect for the evening, everyone loved him especially Leila. Please also tell Olivia thanks for her help. 

3/16/16: Best. Band. Ever. Every single person I talked to said the [Atlanta Showstoppers were] the best band they had ever seen at any wedding. I of course told them you helped us find them! Thank you so much for suggesting them and for helping set up the music for the wedding- it was the highlight of the reception. The band was professional and personable. They really thought of every detail: from having Mike on stage for “Shout” which I told them was one of Mike’s favorite songs, to their last song including a sort of  New Orleans second line with the horns leading guests out to the getaway car. Truly incredible. Thank you so so much!!!! – Meredith P.

3/16/16: Good Morning!…Your strings provided entertainment on Sunday at…our spring fundraiser. We thoroughly enjoyed them. They were very professional, well poised and quite talented. It is our hope that we will use your group for future events. We certainly appreciate you following up.  – Sonya S.

3/14/16: I don’t things could have gone better and the band was a big part of it.  I deeply appreciate your help with that.  At the end of the evening, the keyboard player [for the Atlanta Showstoppers] who said he was their manager, came up to me and thanked me for the opportunity to play.  That doesn’t happen much in my experience. – Rob M.

3/14/16: The Brotherhood was awesome.  I really can’t think of anything they could have done differently to make it better.  They had the crowd dancing like crazy all night long and everyone whether young or old was very complimentary.  Please let Ken and his band know how pleased we were – they were a key part in making a fantastic reception even more special.  I hope we have future events where we can work together with you and your firm again.  You should expect to receive future inquiries from many of our guests. Thank you so much. – Mark P.

3/10/16: We had the BEST possible experience we could have ever imagined with The Crush. They were beyond amazing. We’re still getting calls and messages about how amazing the band was from our guests. Couldn’t be happier with how they were the entire day from set up to break down. I’m very happy to be a reference if they ever need one. Beyond pleased with them! Absolutely outstanding job! Would hire them again in a heart beat! -Steph O.

3/10/16:  IDT was fantastic, high energy and the dance floor was packed!  Many of the guest especially the wives were impressed that their husbands wanted to dance.  Thank you again …Olivia and Barbara were great to work with and look forward to working with them in the future. – Christina S.