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How to Book Celebrity Entertainment

O.A.R. in Dallas for a private event. Photo by Marco Wang
O.A.R. in Dallas for a private event. Photo by Marco Wang.
A step-by-step guide for booking your favorite musicians, from initial inquiry to on-site execution..

So, you want to knock your company’s holiday party out of the park, impress prospective clients, or celebrate a big milestone? Let Gulf Coast Entertainment help you out!
We have over 45 years of experience booking some of the biggest talent for some of the biggest companies. Just look at our stats!

  • – 16,000+ Events booked
  • – 500+ Cities
  • – 300+ Fortune 500 Companies
  • – 500 Headliners
    • o Celebrity artists include Kacey Musgraves, Lionel Richie, OneRepublic, Jason DeRulo, Jerry Seinfeld, Diana Ross, Earth Wind and Fire, Billy Idol, Bonnie Raitt, Lyle Lovett, Clint Black, Flo Rida, LeAnn Rimes, Weezer, Nile Rogers, The B-52s, Grouplove, Gladys Knight, Vanilla Ice, Slim Thug, and many, many more.
Flo Rida for THINK Neurology for Kids in Houston. Photo by PWL Studios
Flo Rida for THINK Neurology for Kids in Houston. Photo by PWL Studios.

5 Easy Steps to Booking Celebrity Entertainment

Step 1 – Identifying the Basics (Artist, Date, Venue, and Budget)
Before booking, it’s helpful to think about what type of artists you’re interested in and how you envision the night going. You can get specific and ask for availability and pricing on your favorite artists, or you can send us your favorite genre/era and we will send you a curated proposal of artists currently available on the night of your event.

It’s also useful to consider if you want your guests to dance or if you want a sit-and-listen performance, which could affect the venue you chose.

If you envision an outdoor event, it’s important to have a plan in place that accounts for foul weather because as the purchaser, you are taking on the full responsibility for the safety of the artist and your guests. Artists reserve the right to refuse performance if conditions are unsafe, so investing in solid infrastructure, like a full tent or an indoor alternative, is always recommended. Protect your investment and think through the worst case for weather before putting in your offer!

Set a budget. National artists quote their artist fee only, which does not include the cost of any rider needs. Rider needs include everything from production to staging, backline, hospitality, and travel needs. We have extensive market knowledge of expenses on top of artist fees, so we can send you a proposal of artists within your budget, accounting for extra costs.

Pro Tip: Artist production costs can add up quickly, so booking a venue with built-in production will save you money on that front.

Vanilla Ice for a private event in Houston. Photo by Marco Wang
Vanilla Ice for a private event in Houston. Photo by Marco Wang.
Step 2 – Getting In Touch
Getting in touch with us is super easy! Navigate to the Contact Us tab on our website or click the link below, where you’ll find our email and phone number. One of our agents will reach out to start the process within 24 hours. After your initial inquiry, we’ll send you a proposal of artists that we think would be a great fit for your event.

Step 3 – Making the Offer
Once you’ve identified the artist you would like to book, we will send you an offer authorization form, which will spell out the deal terms as we understand them. If there’s anything you don’t understand or want to add/edit, let your agent know so we can discuss and change the language to meet your needs. Once you’ve signed the form, we will submit an offer on your behalf to the artist. This is where our years of experience come in handy! We’ve booked 500+ headliners over the years, so we understand the art of the balance in making them as cost-effective to clients and as attractive to artists as possible. We can also work to negotiate terms for a meet & greet with the artist for you and your VIPs either before or after the show.

If your offer is accepted, it is binding. If the offer is not accepted, we can adjust it, or move on to another artist. GCE has deep relationships with large and boutique music agencies and management firms, and our reputation in the industry gives us leverage to optimize the offers we send on our clients’ behalf. When you book through us, you can rest assured you will be taken care of every step of the way.
Grouplove for Rice University’s Moody X Fest in Houston. Photo by Jeff Fitlow
Grouplove for Rice University’s Moody X Fest in Houston. Photo by Jeff Fitlow.
Step 4 – Contracting the Performance
If the date confirms, you’ll then sign the artist’s long form contract. We’ll review the contract for the deal terms as we understand them. Remember, we aren’t attorneys. We always recommend that purchasers have their legal counsel review the documents before signing. The offer authorization form that you already signed with GCE will spell out your deal terms with us as well.

Step 5 – Getting Ready to Party
Now that everything thing is signed and sealed, it’s time for it to be delivered! GCE will advance the performance details with the artist, the venue, and other vendors leading up to the date so you can sit back and relax.

A GCE representative will be on site from load in to load out. We coordinate with the artist and production to see that your contract with the artist is executed, make sure the artist’s dressing room is stocked and ready to go, and arrange for everyone to be where they are supposed to be. We do the work while you enjoy your party!.

Have any questions or want to reach out to get started? Give us a call at 713-523-7004 or send us an email to Let’s party!