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That Other Little Band From Texas

Howdy, Friends!

This week we’ll be starting a series of Band Spotlights on the GCE blog. One of the best parts about this job is getting to work with so many talented musicians from around the country. 

For our first Band Spotlight we are featuring a fantastic trio out of Austin called The Octanes. 

The Octanes focus mainly on roots rock-n-roll, rockabilly & traditional country and they do it really well. 

Hailing from Austin, Texas, the Octanes have been playing their style of hillbilly rock-n-roll for the last 8 years while still paying homage to the big driving guitar sounds of the 1950’s. In this short time frame they have become one of the premier rockabilly bands in the country. 

The Octanes are fronted by Adam Burchfield on Guitar, Drew “sweetheart of the Bass” Hays on bass guitar and Paul Veseliz on drums. They have shared the stage with Wanda Jackson, Southern Culture on the Skids, Candye Kane and the Phantom Rockers to name a few. Adam has toured the world with Sonny Boy Terry and has shared the stage with Billy Gibbons, and Chris Duarte. 

I met Adam in 1999 when we were both working at Rockin Robin Guitars in Houston. Right away, his guitar playing blew me away. He’s an encyclopedia of roots guitar licks and a true student of the instrument. We used to spend countless hours pulling apart guitars and doing part swaps to find the ultimate guitar tone (sorry, Bart). When the store was slow instead of cleaning or tuning guitars,  I would make him teach me some of his rockabilly licks (it’s been almost 20 years and I still can’t play them correctly.) 


Drew has been playing bass with the Octanes for several years. Not only is she an incredible bass player, she’s a professor in the College of Natural Sciences at the University of Texas. She also fills in on bass with GCE favorite Jai Malano. 


Paul is a veteran of the Austin music scene and a successful music teacher. He’s only been playing with the Octanes for a short time but he’s hit the ground running with them and has been a great addition to the band. 

We started booking The Octanes this year when Houston Fotofest needed a band their guests could dance to but was a little different than a variety cover band. The Octanes were the perfect fit. Their guests danced the night away and the Fotofest planners couldn’t have been happier.

An anecdote about Fotofest. Adam and I were talking between sets when a gentleman from Germany walked up to Adam to compliment him on the show. His English was limited but he wanted to know how impressed he was with the band. Adam asks where he’s from and continues the conversation in FLUENT GERMAN. 

We have booked the Octanes several times since then and they always impress. If you’re ever looking for some good ol’ fashion rock n’ roll, or something a little different to impress your guests or clients the Octanes are an excellent choice. 


The Octanes are back in Houston playing the Continental Club later this month. 

Yours in Rock, 

Sam Austin