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7 Trends For Your Next Event

How are the pros handling events in 2020? Here are 7 key trends we noticed in the 2020 Emmy’s and other recent events that can help you plan your next celebration.

1. Think Hybrid

You can utilize the planned venue at reduced capacity with essential staff, like a celebrity host and production, then stream to a virtual audience.

2. Go Global

With a virtual stream, you’re now able to target an audience virtually anywhere in the world.

3. It’s All in the Details

Just because your audience isn’t in person doesn’t mean you can’t go big on the details! Think pre-recorded music, interesting backdrops, and even shipped gifts to your key audience members to bring the event to their home. Create a full service event atmosphere!

4. Embrace the Unknown

Embrace the unpredictable nature of virtual and live shows and roll with the punches to create an interesting and memorable event. Improv is key!

5. Expand Your Entertainment

The Emmy’s had everything from comedy (Jimmy Kimmel) to celebrity (Jennifer Aniston), music (pre-recorded and original scores) and even real people (astronauts).

6. Get Current

Lean into topics of national interest with inclusion of our essential workers throughout COVID, including medical personnel, firefighters and UPS workers. Keep things in mind that are #trending!

7. Know that We’re in this Together

Audiences are more forgiving given the current situation and they’re just excited to engage with you. Have fun and enjoy the moment, don’t worry about getting everything just right!

All Photo Credits: Unsplash

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