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GCE Founder, Susie Criner’s Wedding Day Exclusive

COVID has us going through all the archives and we came across a wedding we think you might like to see! Gulf Coast Entertainment founder, Susie Criner, joins us on the blog today to share her wedding story. She gives us the exclusive details of her charming reception in Florida along with the most darling photos! Keep on reading to to hear the full story. 

“I was 20, he was 23. We were living in Houston, the wedding was in my parents’ hometown of Winter Park, Florida, and Mommy arranged it all. We blissfully and blithely did whatever was asked. The wedding was simple but beautiful in the same church Mommy and Daddy were married in 40 years before, and I wore Mommy’s ivory satin gown. The reception was in the garden of a charming antique store called Maison et Jardin which the locals dubbed The Mason Jar.

The Texas contingent drove over a day or two ahead, and consisted of my husband’s family, 4 family friends, and the best man.  The bride’s “side” was my maid of honor, my family, plus 100 friends of my parents and grandparents we had never laid eyes on.  It was a grand party for the locals complete with a champagne fountain and a jazz trio.  Mommy would whisper as guests came through the receiving line what the wedding gift had been (“They gave you the Couroc tray”) so I could dutifully thank them.

As we were headed to London early the next day, Daddy reserved the honeymoon suite at the airport hotel which turned out to be 2 identical rooms with a door unlocked between them.  I remember the smirking bellman.” -Susie on her June 15, 1972 wedding. 

In present day, Susie and Sanford are still going strong and recently celebrated their 48th anniversary. We are always a sucker for a good wedding story and this one is definitely at the top of our list!

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