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A Case for the Heart

Earlier this year, my partner at Gulf Coast Entertainment Susie Criner sent me a link to a NYT article by Thomas Friedman about technology, and how we as humans fit into a world increasingly automated by machines (Uber, Amazon…need I list more?).

This topic is particularly pertinent to the agent industry.  Why use an agent when you can go online and buy/rent/book anything yourself?

There are a zillion answers to this question which we’ve spelled out in other blogs, but the one that the article argues is most important is that even though machines can now compete with humans in thinking, they will never have “a heart.”

Heart, Friedman argues, is what differentiates us from the machine, and what enables our team at GCE to provide purpose-driven, imaginative, care-full (not to be confused with careful) ideas for your event.

Anyone can go online and book a band through an algorithm-based website. But these formulas don’t know you—they don’t know your sensibility or your goals for the event.

The site might have a user-rating system for bands, but what does that do for you when the band cancels last minute? When you realize you contracted only for backline but no sound and lights? When the band needs 4 20 amp circuits of power but the venue only has 3? How would you even know to ask those questions?

There are no algorithms at GCE. While we should probably be more automated in some ways (look for mobile-friendly contracts and online payment options soon!), you cannot automate imagination or the peace of mind that comes from working with industry leaders. Our team stays on top of current trends, and has decades of experience in the music business, enabling us to provide you with proposals full of ideas, and heart.

We know when you say you need a band for your corporate event that you are going to want only the most reliable groups (you have too much going on that day to worry about whether the band is going to show up on time, or at all!). You want a show-stopping performance so your employees feel properly celebrated for their hard work.

For your wedding, we know you want your guests to walk away thinking that was the best party they have ever been to, and that you have never looked happier. We understand that to maximize your event’s budget, we need to propose the best there is to offer in your price range and steer you away from an inferior product.

With our hearts, not just our minds, invested to make your event the best it can be, I hope you’ll consider partnering with Gulf Coast to make your night perfect.

Please feel free to contact me anytime. I can’t wait to hear from you!


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All photo cred: Chris Bailey Photography