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Gulf Coast Entertainment

Q&A with Annie Eifler, Managing Director and Principal at Gulf Coast Entertainment

What does GCE do?

Gulf Coast Entertainment books musical entertainment for private, corporate, and social events. High end wedding entertainment and headliners for corporate events are our specialty.

GCE was founded 40+ years ago, and we maintain the same principles: providing the highest quality entertainment, service, and care, both for our clients and the artists that we help them book.

What sets you apart from other booking agencies?

One difference is that we can present any artist under the sun to our clients, and don’t just work with a certain roster of artists. We listen to our clients about what they want, and get creative about who the right fit would be for them: whether a fresh new artist, a tried and true classic, or somewhere in between. We have decades of experience in the industry and we are trusted by both clients and artists to help produce flawless events, by shepherding the details between the client, artist, venue, and often many other vendors.

Your name is Gulf Coast Entertainment, but you don’t just work in the gulf coast region, right?

Right! Think of Gulf Coast as a mindset, rather than a geography 😉. From Jackson Hole, WY to Jackson, MS and beyond, we are there for our clients. We send entertainment to Aspen, Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Cabo, Boston, New Orleans, Mobile, Seaside, Hawaii, Vegas–wherever our clients go!

What are your favorite events to work on?

It is so fulfilling to get to work with clients who call me regularly for entertainment for their various events across the country. Their repeat business shows the trust they have in me to send them quick, curated proposals that fit their criteria, and they know I will work tirelessly to take care of them. I am so lucky to get to call so many of my clients friends, and friends clients.

You came on as a partner at GCE back in 2015. What have you learned over the past seven years?

The idea I keep coming back to is that our job is all about care. We care deeply about our clients’ happiness, and get no greater fulfillment than hearing that the artist(s) we suggested for them met or exceeded their expectations, and that we made the whole process easy and seamless.

We also care profoundly for our artists, and have developed a reputation in the artist community as going the extra mile to make sure they are set up for success. Magic on stage only happens when the artist has what they feel they need to do what they do best.

Who is your favorite artist to work with?

There are so many fabulous artists from across the country, and in Texas, where we are seeing some fabulous new talent too. I could never choose my favorite, and furthermore, one artist that is right for one client may not be right for another. Think of our industry like real estate: there are fabulous options all over, and in all different price points, and our secret sauce is in suggesting the right fit for your client, based on musical taste and budget. GCE provides a quick, curated proposal to our clients with all aspects of their event taken into consideration: venue, guest count, theme, musical taste, and budget.

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QA with Annie Eifler