How to Hire National Entertainment, Bands & Celebrities

How to Avoid Disaster and Enjoy the Show

  • Be open minded – Call your agent 6-9 months ahead of your corporate or special event or wedding, for a list of celebrity entertainers and bands in the category you desire, within your budget range. Most touring performers won´t have a clear idea of their schedule any further ahead than 6 months, but there may be opportunities to piggyback your private date on a scheduled public date.
  • Be knowledgeable about artists´ fees. The amount your agent quotes is for booking the artist only. Additional costs (also to be borne by the purchaser) can include airfare, ground transportation, hotel, local band members, and almost always, the band´s production. Production can include staging, dressing rooms, a sound system, lighting system, stage hands, technicians, power supply and/or generators, band instruments and equipment, security, stage management, hospitality, and meals.
  • Be prepared – Many national agents and managers will only work with experienced buyers and established entertainment companies. A good agent is accustomed to working with the biggest names in the industry and understands all the elements involved in submitting a proper offer. She is representing your interest though, and will not make an offer without your complete understanding of and consent to all the costs involved.
  • Be smart – Once you have agreed on a celebrity or national entertainment, let your agent negotiate the best terms on the artist´s rider for you. She may want to book the artist´s airfare herself to save you some money; she may insist to management that some requested production is not appropriate for the size of the venue or nature of the party. A seasoned agent will know what items can be cut and still keep the artist happy.
  • Be confident – The best agents will always offer to coordinate all production for an artist´s performance and this is the key to ensuring that there are no surprises when the artist arrives in your town. Let her coordinate and supervise every step of the artist´s travel, accommodations, production, show timeline, and hospitality so you can relax and enjoy the show!

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