Houston Wedding Band or Reception Venue-Which to Choose First?

What Are Some Issues You Need to Consider When Selecting Your Reception Band and Venue?

  • Time of Day/Day of the Week – Can you envision your reception in the afternoon? During a beautiful lunch your band might play fun New Orleans-style jazz and standards, and if your guests were so inclined they might get up to dance a little. Saturday nights are prime time, but planning a daytime or weeknight reception will give you more choices in a band, and for a lower price.
  • Number of Guests & Size of Venue – Whether your guest list is 100, 250, 500, or 1000, the number will certainly determine what venue will be appropriate for your reception. Is it a hotel or country club ballroom? The Garden Club? A private party facility? How about a big tent? If you´re having a big crowd, you can confidently hire a big 10-12 piece band; if your venue is modest, look for a 4-5 piece band. If your plan is to be outside, the volume from a band´s horn section won´t be as obvious as in a smaller room.
  • Staging and Power -A hotel or country club ballroom is likely to have a built-in stage, or staging that can be put up for your band. Most bands need a stage of at least 16´ wide x 12´ deep and more often bigger. If you plan to have a big crowd you will want to elevate the band at least 2´. To keep the band involved in the pace of the party and mood of the crowd, it´s important that the dance floor be in front of the bandstand. Most wedding bands need four or five 20 amp dedicated circuits of power at the stage. Some hotels are charging the client to provide the power, so be sure to ask.
  • Break Room and Band Meal – Bands often spend up to 3 hours setting up their equipment in the venue, so they get hot and sweaty and hungry. It´s best to consider in your planning whether there is a dressing/break room for the band where they can freshen up, relax and have refreshments, so they can put on their best face and performance for you.

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