DJ Mav

Imagine a mixture of melodic aptitude and uncut rhythm. That solution could then be labeled Dj Mav, for it is his ability to create mixes that stimulate the senses and satisfy the sonic appetites of listeners of all ethnicities, age groups and sexes. He began to experiment with music and sound in his Houston home around the age of seven. It was at that time that his mother purchased a four-track cassette recorder and an electric drum set. The love of musical experimentation was realized at that moment. Always one for trying something different, hence the name Mav short for Maverick, he quickly made use of the new equipment and created songs featuring friends and family. During this time he discovered his father’s music collection and quickly began to expand his horizons into classic funk, R&B, and soul music. This love continued to progress into hip-hop, indie, and dance music. Over the course of many years Dj Mav has went on to do parties for the likes of many celebrities, spin at various clubs throughout the city and surrounding areas, and before crowds of thousands, all while doing it with the same spirit and enthusiasm as he began. Welcome to Mav’s world.

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