If your event is impacted by COVID-19, call us to see how we might assist you. Our agents have been working successfully with all parties to come up with a variety of solutions.  Simply reach out to the agent you worked with to finalize your contract and we’ll help you! You can select your agent’s name from the dropdown below to find contact details.


Susan Criner

Email: susan@gulfcoastentertainment.com
Location: Houston Region

Annie Eifler

Email: annie@gulfcoastentertainment.com
Location: Houston Region

Olivia Minahan

Email: olivia@gulfcoastentertainment.com
Location: Houston Region

Sam Austin

Email: sam@gulfcoastentertainment.com
Location: Houston Region

Sara Matthews

Email: sara@gulfcoastentertainment.com
Location: Houston Region


1. What happens if I need to change my event?

If you feel your event will be impacted by COVID-19, reach out to an agent who will be able to assist in any changes needed to your existing contract.

2. How will payment structure change with a rescheduled contract?

Your agent will work with you to confirm the payment terms of all rebooked and rescheduled contracts.

3. How can I help an artist, musician, or entertainer right now?

During this time, our artists need your support now more than ever. There are numerous ways to support these entertainers, from sharing their stories and posts on your social feed, watching their live streams, purchasing from their online merchandise stores, and contributing to their Patreon. EastCoast Entertainment will be sharing all the wonderful updates from our artists on our social feeds. Simply follow us on Facebook or Instagram to learn more about our talented roster.

4. Where can I find more information about GCE?

Follow us on social for all the latest updates from GCE. You can find us on Facebook here and Instagram here.

5. What practices does GCE recommend for artists to provide Safer Entertainment?

GCE has established our formal guidelines for artists to follow in hopes of promoting Safer Entertainment without compromising on the quality of your performance. To view these, download our PDF below. Download Here