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Zydeco and Cajun

Although very different, Cajun and Zydeco bands are grouped together here because they are both expressions of the spirited and hardy people of SW Louisiana. Cajun music can be traced back to early Acadian, French, Creole and Anglo-Saxon folk songs which were later accompanied by simple instrumentation. Cajun music is meant for dancing - one-step, two-step, and waltzes - and the principal instrument is the accordion. To a lesser degree the fiddle is also a favorite instrument, and is now joined by guitars and sometimes drums. Compared to Cajun muisc, zydeco has a much shorter history. Like Cajun, the dominant instrument is the accordion, but unlike Cajun music, zydeco adds electric bass, horns and sometimes keyboards. In a nutshell, zydeco is creole (Black)dance music of SW LA that blends Cajun music with rhythm and blues and soul.

Bayou Roux     

Bourbon Street     

CJ Chenier & the Red Hot Louisiana Band     

Nathan & the Zydeco Cha Chas     

Step Rideau & the Zydeco Outlaws >

Terrance Simien     

Zydeco Dots     


Step Rideau & the Zydeco Outlaws

Originally from LeBeau, Louisiana, Step Rideau is now based in Houston with his band the Zydeco Outlaws. The band frequently plays clubs, festivals, trail rides, and private parties throughout east Texas and southwest Louisiana. Although Step’s music is influenced by Rockin’ Sidney, Boozoo Chavis and John Delafose, he has recently moved toward a style that fuses the rural Louisiana music he grew up with and the hip hop and other urban sounds of Houston.