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Expect lots of choreography, costume changes and a big ’ol horn section in these, the best Show Bands in America.

14 Karat Gold     

Airwave 80s     

Big Bang Beat     

Big Swing & The Ballroom Blasters     

Black & Blue     

Durell Coleman Band     

Dysfunkshun Junkshun     



Eturnity Band     

Haute Chile     

Heather Hayes Experience     


Jerry Barnett Orchestra     

Le Freak     

Liquid Pleasure     


Nik and the Nice Guys     


Party on the Moon     

Pat Patrick Band     

Pink Flamingos     

Professor D     

Rotel & The Hot Tomatoes >

Simply Irresistible     


Starlight Orchestras     

The Fab 5     

The Maxx     

The Spazmatics     

The Swatchmen     

The Tip Tops     

Tyrone Smith Revue (Super T)     

Voltage Brothers     


Rotel & The Hot Tomatoes

If you like to dance, if you like to watch a great show, if you like to party, if you’re looking for fun, then you’re going to love Rotel and the Hot Tomatoes. Recently named as one of the top ten party bands in the United States by Harper’s Bazaar magazine, their show not only captures the authentic sounds of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, but the look, feel and fun as well.

The Hot Tomatoes are three dazzling female vocalists who take the stage decked out in one outrageous costume after another__ big hair, shimmy dresses, sequins, and skin-tight leopard pants. "Rotel & The Hot Tomatoes are beehives for breakfast, leopard-skin for lunch, and satin for supper. They’d rather walk the poodle than do the dog," wrote music columnist Michael Corcoran in The Austin American Statesman. And when the Hot Tomatoes turn the stage into a three-ring circus as they dance, strut, sing, and stomp, you’re sure to have as much fun as the law allows.

But that’s not all. The Hot Tomatoes are skillfully supported by Rotel, five accomplished musicians who use a combination of guitar, saxophone, keyboards, drums, bass and vocals to recreate the best sounds of early rock and roll radio. "The act would be worth seeing purely for its off-the-wall showmanship," Austin American Statesman music critic Michael Point wrote, "but it’s a musical act, despite all the hilarious melodramatics, that is strong even without the visuals."