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Expect lots of choreography, costume changes and a big ’ol horn section in these, the best Show Bands in America.

14 Karat Gold     

Airwave 80s     

Big Bang Beat     

Big Swing & The Ballroom Blasters     

Black & Blue     

Durell Coleman Band     

Dysfunkshun Junkshun     



Eturnity Band     

Haute Chile     

Heather Hayes Experience     


Jerry Barnett Orchestra >

Le Freak     

Liquid Pleasure     


Nik and the Nice Guys     


Party on the Moon     

Pat Patrick Band     

Pink Flamingos     

Professor D     

Rotel & The Hot Tomatoes     

Simply Irresistible     


Starlight Orchestras     

The Fab 5     

The Maxx     

The Spazmatics     

The Swatchmen     

The Tip Tops     

Tyrone Smith Revue (Super T)     

Voltage Brothers     


Jerry Barnett Orchestra

From Denver, Colorado, the Jerry Barnett Orchestra’s explosive style has been praised in New York, San Francisco, Orlando, Lacosta, Scottsdale, San Antonio, Atlanta, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii. A world class gala orchestra, the JBO time-travels effortlessly from present to past with youthful energy, expressive vocalists, dancing horns and exciting strings.

The JBO echoes the traditions of renowned bands and leaders of the past such as Meyer Davis and Lester Lanin and the lively swing of Glenn Miller and Tommy Dorsey.

A perfectly polite party band until the trombone flies, the JBO instantly propels the audience into the pulsating universe of contemporary pop and rock. Experience the jazzy flapper era, the Peppermint Lounge, the conga-crazed Copacabana, "Big Chill" nostalgia, techno-club dance and Mardi Gras madness. With elegance and electricity, the JBO blends eras from our youthful past into new memories.