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Jazz and Swing

There are many types of jazz but it’s almost always easy to listen to, with an unpretentious, spontaneous feeling, and a wide range of emotion. We have included in this category groups (both instrumental and vocal)who can play New Orleans traditional jazz, ragtime, Dixieland, Swing-era, cool-jazz, smooth-jazz and latin jazz.

Anthony Caceres     

Bob Henschen     

Bryan Anthony & the Gary Norian Trio     

Charlie Prause     

David Caceres     


Greg Giacona Trio     

Harry Sheppard     

Jaime Casco     

Jazz Revisited     

Joe Carmouche     

Joe LoCascio     

Kermit Ruffins     

Kristine Mills     

Leo Polk     

Lucky Strikes     

Marvin Gaspard Trio     

Matt Lemmler Group     

Moment’s Notice     

Mood Indigo     

Paul Chester     

Pizazz Dixieland Jazz     

Quiet Storm     

Rumble Seat Four     

Sebastian Whittaker     

Sharon Montgomery     

Ted Wenglinski Group     

The Blue Monks     

The Gypsies >

The Texas Gypsies     

Tianna Hall     


Yvonne Washington     


The Gypsies

"Polyethnic" best describes The Gypsies, a European-style strolling group and dance band which has been playing Houston’s social occasions since 1974. They are versatile in their repertory, which includes Eastern European, Swing, Klezmer, French, Italian, British Isles, German, Polish-American, Czech, Norteno, Cajun and Zydeco, Country, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and Tropical styles. They play balalaikas, accordions, violins, mandolins, guitars, banjos, bouzouki, and a full array of horns and assorted ethnic percusssion.