We offer DJ’s who will play a wide variety of music for the client who doesn’t have the space or budget for a full band, and DJ’s who can create a unique ambiance for a special occasion. Add karaoke or a video screen to liven up any party.

  • Kalkutta_GTP_12192014_IMG_1337

    DJ Kalkutta

    Kalkutta, who’s name is homage to her infancy spent in an Indian orphanage before being adopted, is a dj turned producer/songwriter best known for spinning everything from parties in New York’s Lower East Side to a regular gig on Good Morning America appearing alongside guests like Rihanna, Bryan Cranston, and The Muppets.

  • DJ+Lucy+Wrubel+Headshot

    DJ Lucy Wrubel

    You know, Lucy loves a party (and a good party dress), and she firmly believes it is the people who make the event a hit…Lucy’s philosophy for spinning comes from a sociological point of view…she likes to watch a crowd and see what moves them.

  • djlboogie_headshot

    DJ L-Boogie

    DJ L-Boogie — Texas born and raised began his DJ journey in the late 80’s. As a DJ in high school he gained a reputation for always having the latest hip-hop and creating the best mix tapes


    DJ Mo Phatt

    Houston, TX based DJ specializing in contemporary music.

  • DJ-Senega-1

    DJ Senega

    When Premier Sound & Lighting owner Senega Iles first started working in Houston as a DJ nearly a decade ago, he frequently found himself searching for cutting-edge equipment and services that either didn’t exist in Houston, or weren’t available to his specifications.

  • sun2

    DJ Sun

    For the past two decades, DJ SUN has contributed to the live soundtrack of Houston, Texas with an aural palette of funk, soul, jazz, disco, early hip-hop and even more modern genres such as trip hop.

  • IMG_0312+(1)

    DJ Dave Wrangler

    Dave Wrangler is a DJ and music producer widely known for his multi-genre remixes and DJ sets which helped define the dance music culture of the late 00s.